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Norse Code Hel's Espresso Coffee Liqueur 22% (70cl)

Norse Code Hel's Espresso Coffee Liqueur 22% (70cl)

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Our unique coffee extraction method, designed and evolved by our own expert coffee mastermind, helps ensure the perfect extraction and flavour from the carefully roasted beans. We are able to fuse together a higher rate of caffeine with a less bitter and smoother balance yet maintain a full bodied flavour.

With help from our Master Distiller, we blend this with the finest award winning Yorkshire Winter Wheat malted barley vodka, and our own blend of flavours to balance the overall profile.

A drink perfect to enjoy on its own or as the best Espresso Martini. Drink the best, and save the planet. 


We use a natural, sustainable sweetener from the same region as the coffee beans. Rich in antioxidants, a lower glycemic index in comparison to cane sugar,  it also contains essential minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, small amounts of vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.

Reminiscent of caramel and smoky overtones, hints of maple. Some detect notes of butterscotch. In general, it has more complexity and is less sweet than refined white sugar

The coffee is 100% Arabica from Sumatra. Thanks to the humid climate and the constant mist of Sumatra's rainforests, this Arabica coffee develops a deep, delicious aroma of pecan nut with notes of plum and brown sugar.

We use an overprood grain vodka grown and distilled in Yorkshire which is markedly spirituous on the nose. Warm, rounded and smooth on the palate, with citrus segueing into a pleasing grassiness. The finish is again rounded, warm, slightly sweet and smooth. We feel this is perfectly balanced for making the perfect coffee liqueur. 

 These combined flavours result in a super luxurious mouth feel, with further notes of vanilla and caramel, paired with a complex yet smooth taste. Deliciously sweet yet delicate.


For maximum coffee taste, we recommend sipping Hel on the rocks. Simply pour over ice and enjoy.

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