About us.

Just like the pairing of coffee and vodka, The coffee spirit company was founded in Yorkshire, in a similar fashion. 

Forged from a love of great specialist coffee and refined balanced alcohol, the companies founders both developed a career in each of these respective fields. 

With well over 30 years of expertise in both these areas, having competed on the world stage amongst other accolades, the idea to forge the two key passions was born. 

The Coffee element of the company, is developed by coffee legend Gordon Howell. He’s been incredibly active on the world coffee competition scene, having represented the UK in both the 2015 WBrC (7th Place) and the 2013 WCIGS (3rd Place) as well as acting as a sensory judge in the UKBC (2013 & 2014) and UK CIGS (2014 & 2105). Was a SCA accredited trainer for over 10 years in the dark arts of barista skills and brewing, Gordon now only focuses on a one to one tailored approach geared to helping other coffee professionals gain intermediate and professional accreditation

His wealth of experience in the world of speciality coffee from the day to day operation of running a coffee shop to competing, judging and teaching at the highest level is complemented by his training in hospitality management (BSc) and export management (MSc). He has also assists WCE with competition development as well as being a Dalla Corte Pro and most recently is one of the founders of Tone brewing equipment which are pioneering new approaches to incorporating bolierless technology with a smart multifunctional interfaces.

This technology which allows complete control of all the brewing parameters has led Gordon to create a new approach to making cold brew on a filter Coffee machine.

“The cold filter brew” is now possible.

Delivering precise extraction of coffee whilst controlling the bitterness that can associated with other methods such as cold brew, iced brewing and espresso.

These results deliver some of the finest tasting cold brewed Coffee.

Giving us the control we require to get the best out of some of the world’s finest single estate coffee.

Thanks to our friend Dave Jameson founder of coffee roasters Dane Law (Holmfirth Yorkshire) We only use coffee that has full traceability to the farmer and are classed as speciality.

Our current Norse Code no1 has coffee sourced from Honduras and farmed by Rosely.

Read her and David’s story here.

Our Alcohol specialist, the other part to the duo, cut his teeth in the brewing industry, and hospitality. Latterly helping to develop an award winning wholesalers, brewery and pub company. He helped to establish Camden, Beavertown and Sipsmith distribution in the north of England, as well as importing rare and specialist beer into the UK. Supplying multiple award winning venues and beer festivals, as well as product development and distribution. 

Why Hel and Norse Code? 

With the Norse links to the spiritual home of the company in kings square York, Erik Bloodaxe, and the well documented remarks of Pope Clement VIII;

“This Satan's drink is so delicious that it would be a pity to let the infidels have exclusive use of it.”

So the idea of the Norse Code's Goddess Hel, was born.